The North Carolina Education Plan, is aimed directly at improving North Carolina’s K-12 Curriculum. It is very ambitious but our students are worth it. If we care at all about our students achieving a level of success that enables them to compete in the world and in life, sufficient resources will be identified and a course of action such as this will be put in place. It is no longer acceptable to apply band aids to the problems. New approaches must be identified and applied to change course, a course that would bring our students into a competitive track with students of other countries who have been passing ours, as they fall to the wayside. This plan isn’t hard but it will take a dedicated effort. It has been drawn from a set of standards and curricula that have been researched and examined for best practices that challenge and enable students to think and learn. Reading and writing are at the epicenter of reasoning and learning. It has been done before and it can be done again. Our schoolhouses are not the only places where critical thinking needs to be taught and applied.

 Gerald R. Egolf
North Carolina Education Coalition

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