Get the Plan!

Request for download of the North Carolina Education Plan

The following are the terms to which anyone downloading our Plan must agree:

(1) The North Carolina Education Plan (NCEP) can never be sold.

(2)  Any set of standards based on the NCEP can never be sold. They may be shared.

(3)  They may be altered or improved to fit your own population or school district.

(4)  Your altered standards must acknowledge their source as being the NCEP.

Be aware that the mathematics standards are based on a remodeling of the Minnesota Mathematics 

Standards, which Dr. James Milgram says are the only set of state standards that prepare students for college (college ready).  However, they have been strengthened and realigned for age and grade appropriateness. We recommend that interested parties stick fairly closely to the age levels for topics for an entire state. The organization using the NCEP or an altered version of it takes complete responsibility for how it is used.

The Critical Thinking component, which is the center piece of our plan, is based on the Critical Thinking Competency Standards published by the Foundation for Critical Thinking. We encourage you to NOT leave it out and just adopt the Mathematics and ELA Standards. The standards are used with their permission.

Once registered, we will send updated versions as they are ready for release. Version 2.2 is a complete re-write of the Minnesota K-8 Mathematics Standards for the NCEP. The same thing has been done for the English Language Arts (ELA) Standards which are based on Dr. Sandra Stotsky’s framework (2013) and the Massachusetts State ELA Standards for 2001, and used with their permission. Additional versions should be released in the future, with new versions also including history, geography, social studies, and science.

Once you have completed the above and submit your request, you will receive an email, typically within 24 hours, with a link that will enable you to download the NCEP.

Thank you for your interest in our work and good luck with your efforts to repeal and replace Common Core.