North Carolina Education Coalition

Mission Statement

The North Carolina Education Coalition (NCEC) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State. The Coalition was created to assist public schools in our state that are in need of funding, resources, faculty training, and other items in order to provide a friendly and safe environment for our children and grandchildren. Combined with a learning atmosphere that encourages students to learn and not memorize, we will strive to reduce the existing gap between what children from households of scarcer means are able to achieve and what children from households of more plentiful means achieve. The NCEC will conduct research, find grants, and organize workshops and seminars for parents and communities needing assistance. We will do this in concert with other likeminded organizations to pool resources for more effective use.

We believe we can address many of our schools’ failing curricula by replacing the Common Core State Standards with our own North Carolina Education Plan. In doing so, we will be adopting a stronger set of standards, infused with critical thinking, for our public schools. A three-pronged approach, stronger standards, improved teacher training and preparation, and more parent involvement, will improve the learning environment for our children and grandchildren while restoring control of K-12 education to state and local school boards. We owe this to our future generations.

Our overall goal is the best education system in the world, where children love learning, teachers love teaching, and parents aren’t having more trouble with their first grader’s homework than they did with their own – right here in North Carolina.